The Marketing Mindhive

Dedicated time for you and your business to get ahead and thrive.


Are you struggling to market your business

Wish it was easier to follow through with your plan? (Or have a plan you actually enjoy following through with?)

Are you going in circles about how to make the most of your time and market your business like a boss?

Are you more aware than ever that you need to be marketing during these uncertain times?

Feeling overwhelmed or stuck?


You’re not alone. 

It’s time to get out of your own way, and find an easier system…
Magnetize your ideal clients.
Monetize your efforts.
Master your Marketing Strategy.

Join the Marketing Mindhive today.


Get the support and clarity you need to leverage your impact and reach more of your ideal clients.

Right now.

There has never been a better time to market your business. 

Let's do it together.

Catered to your needs.

Join me for a bi-monthly, group work session, to address, conquer, and crush the items on your list. I have got your back- and your business- at the top of my priority list.

Bring your questions and ideas. 

Share your challenges with the cohort of other entrepreneurs and business owners- get the answers and support you need to MAKE. IT. HAPPEN.


What your monthly Mindhive membership gets you:

  1. The support of a marketing professional who has been helping entrepreneurs get results and grow their businesses for years.
  2. Action steps and answers to your most burning Marketing challenges.
  3. Specific and dedicated time to work on your business- this is precious time we often overlook because we get too busy or aren't sure what to tackle first. You’re probably spending a lot of time working IN and FOR your business. The systems and ease come when we spend time ON our businesses too.

With these bi-monthly accountability sessions, I’ll show you how to get the results you deserve faster, using strategies I have been implementing with clients over many years.

The first call of the month we will focus on a relevant Marketing topic where I will teach, share, and dive into best practices. 

Sample topics could include: 

  • Secrets to a client-attracting website, 
  • Crafting an elevator pitch that leaves them wanting more,
  • Speak the love language of your ideal clients, or 
  • Pricing and packaging your services for the win… and the money! 

The second call of the month will focus on hot seat coaching- this is your time to get the 1:1 coaching you need for that one topic that you just can’t manage to strike off your to-do list. 

 You also get:

  • Priority scheduling and special discounts when 1:1 sessions are needed
  • Access to templates and worksheets discussed in the calls
  • Access to a group-focused Facebook group where you can get extra support and share your challenges and triumphs in a safe space with others who want your success as much as you do!

Join the Marketing Mindhive today.

The Fine Print:

  • Pricing for this group coaching program is introductory and a limited time offer
  • Hot seat coaching may require members to send their questions in advance
  • Your participation is required to get the results you desire


We will meet:

First and Third Tuesdays

11 am-12 pm PST


Introductory membership pricing:

$77 per month (a la carte)

$67 per month for 3 months

$47 per month for 6 months


What people are saying...

"You brought out so much power in me for my business. I can get behind everything we have to offer. You changed my world. We’re up 53% over last year when I started working with you. You made the difference and we continue to run with what you taught me/us."

Lisa McIntosh
Owner, Seahurst Home Inspections

"Erin is an absolute joy to work with! Her strategic mind has helped take my business to an entirely new level. Before we met, I was stuck in a cycle of constant evolution, which spread my efforts thin and was wearing me out. As a solopreneur, it can be difficult to step back and see the whole picture, but that’s exactly what Erin brought to the table. Each session has led to new “ah ha!” moments, achievable action items, and clear objectives."

Katelin Annes
Designer, Geode Home Design

"My business operations before working with Erin were incredibly stressful. I was always overworking and reacting, versus creating and being proactive. I was waking up at all hours worried if clients were staying up to date with the most recent WordPress security updates. Erin’s strategy several years ago included introducing a program that took care of all my clients’ needs daily. In turn, my stress level has decreased, their websites are safer, and my passive income stream has grown 28%!"

Cami MacNamara
Owner, WebCami Site Design

"Signing up for the Marketing MindHive with Erin has been so helpful for my business! She consistently provides amazing content during our meetings and I really appreciate having time to ask questions specific to my business marketing plan. After just a few weeks of taking action I have already booked a dream client! I would definitely recommend the MindHive to any business owners looking for accountability and a space to connect with other business owners."

Nicole Ryan
Photographer, Nicole M. Ryan Photography

Pricing that's accessible...




Basic Ongoing Monthly Membership

Access to all calls and past recordings

Discounted 1-1 Sessions w/ Erin

Big shifts for your business

All your questions answered





Comes out to $47/month

Which means you're saving $30/month

Access to all the normal membership perks, and the added benefit of committing to ongoing support for your business





Comes out to $67/month

Which means you're saving $10/month

Access to all the normal membership perks, and the added benefit of committing to ongoing support for your business on a quarterly basis





As a current client, you may be eligible for a 3-month pass to the Marketing MindHive.

A $230 value. Promo code required.

Get access now!

Why Now?

In these uncertain times, every business owner must be ready to pivot their business. Now is the perfect time to market your business, reach new customers, and nurture the ones you have. As we move into what’s next, whatever that is, you must ready your business for its next level and chapter. 

This program is designed to give you the dedicated time to work on your to-do list. With so many moving parts in life and business at the moment, it’s more important than ever that you put your business first- even for just a few hours a month. This program is also a sanctuary for you to share your challenges, get ideas, and find the support you need in what is the very lonely business of entrepreneurship. Give your business the gift of time by joining the Mindhive- a place where you can get ahead to get the results you deserve- no matter what happens down the line.

Mindhive members feel empowered when they connect during calls. They feel accomplished when they see the items of their to-do list get knocked over to the “done” column. Most importantly, they find peace of mind knowing they are giving of their time, energy and efforts to make their business successful.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to make this program accessible and affordable. However, prices can change at any time, and the current price you see on this page will most likely never be that low again.

Yes! I will meet you where you are and we will address your current state of business and look for opportunities together for your business to grow and thrive. 

During the monthly calls, I will either be teaching you specific Marketing techniques or we will, as a group, work on challenges. If you would like more personalized support, I suggest you book a laser coaching session with me. It’s a 30-minute, 1-1 session where we will get you on track and build that momentum you are looking for.

The Marketing MindHive Facebook group is designed for us all to connect at a deeper level whenever we feel we need more support. As the MindHive is designed to be a group program, the Facebook group will be a space where we can ask each other questions, discuss challenges at length, and look for solutions together. I will be moderating it to some degree, but I welcome everyone to participate and take full advantage of cohort support.

When you fully participate in the workflow during the MindHive, getting results faster is definitely possible. When you invest in yourself and in your business by taking dedicated time to work on Marketing, you can see an increase in a number of areas including, but not limited to: clients, reviews, communications, income, engagement, products, and services. Entrepreneurship can be a lonely endeavor. The purpose of the MindHive is to give us all, as business owners, a place to connect and get work done together.

What I love about this program is that you get to connect with others AND get things knocked off your to-do list. Best of both worlds.

We will meet twice a month on Tuesdays at 11 am PST for 60 minutes. Even if you don’t have a pressing question or want to work through a challenge with me, I recommend joining the call and immersing yourself in what will most certainly be an enlightening, enlivening, and educational conversation.

There are two 60-minute calls a month. The more you show up, the more you will get out of it. You are also welcome to watch the recordings after the calls are held live and then posted.

I encourage you to show up live as much as you can. When we get together and share our challenges, we all learn from it!

You will have access to special discounted sessions with me should you want more support. I've got your back!

If you need further support, you are also always welcome to request feedback and insights in the private Facebook group, as long as you don't include links or calls to action. (No Promo)

You will have access to the archive of past call recordings during your active membership.

My hope is that you feel supported and that you are getting time to do some dedicated work on your Marketing efforts. You will know if it’s right for you if it aligns with your desire to get more done, and you are getting more done and seeing the momentum build.

You can cancel at any time and still get access to the archive for 30 days after your last payment. At that time, you will lose access to that content. Please note that you’re welcome to re-join the group, but current pricing at the time you re-register will apply.

While I would love for you to join me and the MindHivers live each month, your active membership includes access to all previous calls, just so you won't ever feel like you're missing out. Make sure to watch the replays to get the most out of your active membership.

I am excited to gift current clients this incredible opportunity to be a part of a very special group of heart-centered entrepreneurs who want to make an impact.

At the end of your 3-month trial membership gift, you will be auto-renewed at the 3-month price unless you opt-in at the monthly or 3-month rate. You may also cancel your membership at any time if you choose not to stay in the group.

When you register to participate in the MindHive, you will be automatically renewed at the level you originally purchased at the end of your subscription- unless you manually change the plan you want to subscribe to or cancel your subscription altogether. 

Meet the Facilitator

Hi! I'm Erin MacCoy

I am deeply passionate about helping entrepreneurs with purpose, brand, and market their businesses so they can see results sooner, make money faster and achieve lasting abundance.  I focus on designing the brand, strategy, and plan so entrepreneurs can achieve their goals, reach new customers, and increase their brand awareness. 


As a coach, I encourage, motivate, and partner with my clients to reach new levels of professional success. We center on brand authenticity to get the business noticed and I help my clients to manage the implementation and execution of the marketing plans we create. I am a lifelong learner, continually deepening my exploration of new and creative ways to make a brand memorable, relevant and income-generating. This keeps me on the cutting edge of what’s working in marketing today.